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Game castle sofia escape room

We visited the Game Castle in Sofia just before the holidays and instantly fell in love with the place. Game Castle is actually a place with one real-life escape room, team building space, board games, social games, pool area and a bar. A place where you can easily spend a full day and come back for more. 

Eduard, the owner, welcomed us with big smile and genuine hospitality. He passionately told us about this place and explained his idea. He wants to have a place where people can spend more time together having fun while solving riddles and puzzles. His idea is also to promote the social games as a team building activity in Bulgaria. But more about that later on the post. Here’re our impressions of Game Castle Sofia:

7Photo: The lobby and the bar

Game Castle escape room in Sofia – The Collector

The Collector escape room in the Castle is probably the most high tech entertaining challenge we’ve had so far. The story behind the game was so interesting that our team of four took our mission exceptionally seriously.

Our team  had to enter incognito in the office of the Collector, search for the stolen golden mask of king Teres, and if found, return it to the museum. The riddles were hard but logical, there were many unexpected turns and surprises, high tech gear and boutique interior. This escape room probably tops all other we visited so far. For obvious reasons we couldn’t take any photos of the room interior but we promise it’s worth your attention.

We recommend it 110 percent!

Game Castle escape room SofiaPhoto:

Social games in Game Castle Sofia

What makes this escape room unique and special is that you don’t just go there, enter and escape a room. There are plenty of other things to do in the Castle. As some of you may know, one of my most recent passions are board games. Game Castle Sofia has many top rated board games and you can spend hours of fun with friends after you escape the room. 

Game Castle Sofia social games

Game Castle Sofia social games

But probably the most interesting activity you can experience there is playing social games. These are games with simple rules but include intense communication among the players such as negotiating, bluffing, bargaining, role playing, challenging and combination of all the above. We played 4 or 5 games and didn’t feel how 2 hours passed by.

Social games are a great team building activity. Fortunately, Game Castle Sofia has а spacious area where you can spend hours having fun playing the world’s top board and social games and other activities.

team building sofia social games

On top of all that, the Game Castle has a pool area where you can spend a nice long day during the hot summer in Sofia. 

Game Castle Sofia escape roomPhoto: The pool area/

The only thing that can be described as disadvantage is the location of the Game Castle. It is situated in Dragalevtsi area in Sofia where you can get by car, or with bus 98 to supermarket Max and 5 minutes walking. But getting there is definitely worth its while with all the opportunities and activities you have in one place.

Game Castle Sofia is also close to this unique snail house in Dragalevtsi. Bonus points if you find it on your way to the escape room 😉

snail house sofia

You can find Game Castle Sofia at:

Address: Dragalevtsi area, 14 akad. Stoyan Argirov str. (former name “502-ra”str.)

Phone: +359 887 589 367



Facebook:  Game Castle – Real-life escape rooms

*Many thanks to the Game Castle team for hosting a great Sunday for us! We will definitely visit you again!

Have you visited any other area with so many fun games at one place?

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