5 Exciting Things To Do in Roses, Spain


It was in my last to days in Spain when I visited the charming little town of Roses. I thought that nothing is going to impress me after my super epic skydiving experience in Empuriabrava or the beautiful sunsets at Lloret de Mar a few days before but I was so wrong. Visiting Roses was when I had the most amazing coastal walk ever in my life but more on that later. Now I’m going to talk about what are the most exciting things to do in Roses, Spain.

Roses is a super charming little town in Costa Brava, Spain. Even its name implies that this is such a fairy place. Roses is perfect for a summer getaway and will stay so well among my list of the 25 perfect weekend getaway destinations in Europe. Here are the top things to do in Roses, Spain:

#5. Visit Roses Citadel

The Citadel of Roses is an imposing military fortification which contains many a succession of the ancient settlements to which Roses was home in the past. In the Citadel you can visit the past and learn about the impressive history of the region. It’s impressive how the modern meets the past as there are many events that are held in the Citadel such as open air cinemas, concerts, even weddings. There are also 3 geocaches hidden there. Undoubtedly, the Citadel was one of the most interesting thing to do in Roses. 

Working hours: 10 am to 6, 8 or 9 pm depending on the season

Entrance fee: 4 EUR (free for children and retired persons)

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#4. Attend a fish auction

Roses is a fishing port and as such it offers a wide variety of fishing related activities to its visitors. Another highlight of my visit was a fish auction. It was super interesting to see how this process is happening. So the fisherman just brought their catch and several minutes later the fish was separated in different plastic boxes and was in front of dozens traders ready to buy it on the best price possible. It’s also a mind game to try to press the button before anyone else but to buy the fish as cheap as possible at the same time. These guys know what they do!

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#3. Have lunch at Bistro del Mar Restaurant

In the heart of the Roses there is this charming little restaurant Bistro del Mar. The unique thing about it is that you can actually see your food prepared in front of you. Needless to say, their food was super delicious! This gastronomic experience was competing for first place with my Barcelona food tour with Gastournomic. 


#2. Visit the Wine Family Museum

Just a few minutes outside the Roses there is this amazing Wine Family Museum where you can enter the world of wine through a unique series of images, sounds and lights. A our of the Museum begins with a short film where the process of making the wine is explained, then you enter in several different halls and interactive light and sound show is grabbing your attention. It’s a super interesting place to see! The tour of 45 minutes costs only 9,50 EUR. 


#1. Hike the seaside route from Roses to Cala Montjoi

This narrow path at the water’s level between Almadrava beach and Cala Montjoi cove was definitely the highlight of my trip and the best thing to do in Roses in my opinion. The 2,5 hour hike is perfect for refreshing yourself, feel the nature and the freedom of the sea. Along the path there are many coves and beaches where you can sit and enjoy the day. The scenery is just spectacular (and perfect for some Instagrams)! See by yourself… 

[unitegallery coastalwalk]


What do you think? Can Roses be a reason to visit Costa Brava?


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  • Hey Maria, great photos. Roses is such a great name for a place. I went to a fish market auction in Denia, Costa Blanca. It was a fun experience, amazing the variety of different seafood that comes off the boats.

  • This is what I love about traveling… the ability to do things that are outside the norm of what you’d do at home all while experiencing unique cultures. That’s why I started my website about European Travel and hope to get a chance to see these sights myself someday!