Skydiving in Empuriabrava: To Jump Or Not To Jump (+ Video)


A few weeks ago, during my awesome time in beautiful Lloret de Mar for this year’s TBEX conference, I experienced one of the most exciting and adventurous things in my life: Skydiving! I can’t believe I jumped out of a plane from 4,000 m height! It was nothing I ever expected – It was amazing! But the consequences were pretty bad, too – I would say this was my best and my worst day in Costa Brava!

About Skydive Empuriabrava

Apparently Skydive Empuriabrava is one of the biggest skydiving locations in Europe i.e. it’s pretty natural for people to jump out of planes around there…no biggy! I know it is indeed one of the best places to skydive because the surrounding is unique – you see the sea, the sky, the mountains and the charming city of Empuriabrava with its many canals and cute white houses. 

Skydive Empuriabrava is 150 km away from Barcelona. Check out their website for current prices or like them on Facebook. 


Before the jump

Now let’s get to the point! We were jumping early in the morning so we didn’t have much time to think twice! The nice guys were putting the equipment on us while telling us how to act when we jump out of the freaking plane!

Our group of 7 was pretty adventurous but our faces were not as relaxed as we would want them to be for the camera haha. So everyone has a tandem partner and a camera man with him meaning we were 21 people in a tiny little plane. And after the quick jumping instruction we went on the plane and then…

The jump

… we started falling down one by one. Being one of the last ones I was pretty scared (you can see that on the video below) looking at the other guys who jumped first. Then my tandem partner, Raphael from France, tied me up and we were there, on the freakin door, ready (at least one of us was) to jump! 


OH MY GAAAWD! WE JUMPED OUT OF THE PLANE! I still remember how I felt – the first few seconds there was the panick trying to get me and the natural survival instinct which tells you that it’s not actually okay to free fall towards the ground! Then I said to myself “People do that all the time! Just enjoy it!” (and also “the camera is filming, don’t embarace yourself…”). And I did enjoy it! Watch the full jump on YouTube or on the video below.

The free fall was about 1 minute. The parachute fall was about 4 more minutes. The landing was smooth. The adrenaline rush was insane! 



Everyone was still under the adrenaline influence – big smiles, big eyes, shocked faces! Wow! I was soooo scared up there but once you get down you become very brave –  “Let’s do it again” was your only thought.


YES! It was pretty epic experience! You are scared but happy at the same time! 


If you want to skydive remember that you’ll will get ‘airplane ears’ (muffled hearing) for the next few hours. If you are lucky, you will get away with only this…

If you are not lucky (like me) you will get sick, pretty sick. 

Not only my ears were getting muffled (is this a saying?!), but I got the worst sore throat in my life! For the next week I got sick, cold, couldn’t eat (my throat was made of knifes when I tried to eat something) and most of all, I couldn’t really enjoy my next few days in Costa Brava. I’m not sure why this happened only to me, the other guys were great! But it’s okay, I guess next time I won’t scream so much…

So that was the best and the worst day during my Costa Brava experience… But, hey! Whatever! Good memories beat all the bad ones!

Check out the full video (YouTube channel)! Can you say I was scared like hell? xD

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  • Oh my god! This video looks terrifying as hell!! Especially the slow-motion part! I can’t believe you did this!!