Holiday like a local in Oxford


Today we are going to discover Oxford like never before – from the side of a local. Check out Emily’s tips for things to do in Oxford and go explore the city the best way possible.

#1. Please, introduce yourself, your blog and the city you live in!

Hi, I’m Emily from A Befuddled Life. I’m a twenty-something female who’s still figuring out what direction my life is headed and is channeling my confusion through a new found love of travel. I live in the beautiful city of Oxford – about an hours drive from London and well known for it’s infamous University!

#2. What do you love the most about Oxford?

The architecture. The whole city is incredibly beautiful and I still feel like a tourist wandering around it, marveling at all of the sites even after two years living here.

#3. What are your favorite local meals?

The Jericho Café in Walton Street does an amazing Full English and has a great vibe. I love going there on a weekend for breakfast.

#4. What’s the best place to have breakfast?

Jericho Café! See above!

Oxford 3

#5. What’s the best place to have dinner?

La Cucina in St Clement’s. Great Italian restaurant and can serve large groups as well as small. It’s our go to place with work people for whatever excuse we can muster!

#6. What are the top three attractions in Oxford?

It’s the kind of city that you can just spend the day walking and exploring the little side streets. Radcliffe Camera is always pretty to look at and I love walking around Christchurch Meadows on a sunny day and walk along the riverbank.

#7. Where can you get the best view of Oxford?

If you’re having a drink in the evening, go to Varsity Club rooftop bar. If that’s not your thing then climb the top of Carfax Tower for some amazing 360-degree views.


#8. Your favorite cultural attractions or activities?

Punting is great fun to do if you’re travelling with a group of friends. Travelling solo? You can even hire a chauffeur to do all the hard work for you so you can sit back and enjoy the views.

#9. Are there any possibilities for exciting day trips from Oxford? Where to?

  • Blenheim Palace is top on my places to visit when I next have a free weekend. It’s one of those things where if it’s right on your doorstep you never go! Not only is it a beautiful palace with exquisite gardens but it’s also the birthplace of Winston Churchill.
  • The Cotswolds is a beautiful area. There are many Cotswold villages right on the doorstep of Oxford. The general Cotswolds area is vague – there’s no defined area but the characterful villages are lovely to wander around in. Just go for a drive down the winding village lanes and stop off for a bite to eat in a local pub. As a self-confessed ‘country bumpkin’, I love wandering around and enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside.
  • There are many trips that you can do within Oxford – explore the Ashmolean Museum or the Bodleian Library, take a tour of one or two of the Colleges or discover the history of Oxford Castle. There’s also the option of the hop on hop off buses and there are always walking tours on offer around the city.

Oxford 2

#10. What are the best traditional festivals or events throughout the year?

  • May morning (1st May) is always a massive event in Oxford. I didn’t realise how much of a big event it was until I realise I couldn’t get into work as part of bus route was shut due to the May Day festivities! At 6am the choir from Magdalen School sing two hymns from the top of Magdalen Church. There’s usually a lot of festivities going on all night from the night before and some of the students jump from Magdalen Bridge into the river.
  • The first weekend of July brings Cowley Road Carnival. There’s music, stalls and of course a carnival procession. We may not be talking Rio here but there’s always lots going on and everyone enjoys it.
  • During the first week of September is St Giles Fair. It’s a good old-fashioned fair with food, games and rides. It’s unusual for a fair to take place on a busy main road but the council close the streets for the days the fair is running.

Would you choose to visit Oxford instead of overcrowded London? 

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  • I’ve been to Oxford several times whilst I was living in the UK and I strongly recommend it, plus it’s not that far from London either, so it can be a day trip from there too 🙂

  • I’ve been to Oxford with my mom about 4-5 months ago and we both loved the town! It’s so beautiful that at some point we stopped taking pictures because you can photo bomb literally every building!