7 reasons to go to opera and ballet in Sofia

When recently I went to see “La Traviata” – an opera performance by Giuseppe Verdi, in Sofia for the first time, one thing stuck with me – there was plenty of foreign talks around the opera house. It never occurred to me to go to opera or ballet when I “conquer” yet another European destination on my bucket list.

However, after my delightful experience with the ballet “Guiselle” and now Traviata in Sofia, I am definitely visiting more opera or ballet performances on my next trips.

And because I was so “blind” to that activity until recently, I decided to give you guys a little push to do something different on your visit to the Bulgarian capital.

Here are the 7 reasons to go to Sofia Opera and Ballet:

sofia opera and ballet

The interior of Sofia National Opera and Ballet/Photo: Facebook

1) It is more affordable than you think

Contrary to what most people think (including me) going to see opera or ballet is not an expensive endeavor. Sofia National Opera and Ballet offer tickets for as little as 6 Euro. Isn’t a Starbucks coffee worth more? However, the rewarding feeling after a performance is priceless.

2) Language is not a problem

Don’t worry about the language barrier when you go to the local opera house. Well, it’s obvious that if you choose to go to a ballet performance, you won’t need any words whatsoever. However, it sure helps to read the story of the play in advance.

When you go to an opera performance in Sofia, the language is not a problem too. Although, they usually sing in Italian, the opera’s story is projected in a screen above the stage – in Bulgarian and in English.

sofia opera and ballet

“La Traviata” in Sofia National Opera and Ballet/Photo: Alexander Thompson

3) Enjoy something different from the usual touristic activities

If you want to experience the destination from a different angle, there is no better way than going to an opera or ballet. There won’t be hordes of tourists, people taking unusual selfies every 5 minutes, or sellers trying to trick you to buy yet another useless item.

Go to an opera performance and you have something different to brag about with when you get back home.

4) There’s something for everyone

Opera and Ballet are two very different experiences. Both are emotional, have impressive art work, and can tell the saddest story in the most beautiful way. With the right amount of opera plays as well as ballet performances in Sofia, you have a great choice.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the interior of the National Opera and Ballet, the amazing orchestra, the costumes, or even do a bit of a crowd watching. There’s something for everyone.

5) It is not long or boring

I used to think that going to the Opera means long hours of boredom. Well, it sure depends how you perceive it, but if you give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed. “La Travata”, which I watched in Sofia a few weeks ago, was only about 2 hours long with two breaks in between.

The performance was just the right amount of time to grab my attention, swirl it all over the room, and bring it back to me, leaving me with the same big enthusiastic eyes as when I was entering the Opera House.

Sofia Opera and Ballet Giselle

Ballet “Giselle” in Sofia National Opera and Ballet

6) The performance is unforgettable

A good performer can take you into their life and make you live the story with them. That’s exactly how you feel during the opera or ballet.

Sofia National Opera and Ballet regularly has guest artists from all over the world. Combined with the great talent of local performers, there’s nothing less than a spectacular performance you can expect.

7) The orchestra is phenomenal

Last but not least – the orchestra! Music can make a huge impact on the audience. And it does, every time. The orchestra at Sofia Opera and Ballet is so phenomenal that it gives me goosebumps even when I think about it now.

Sofia National Opera and Ballet

“La Traviata” in Sofia National Opera and Ballet

About Sofia Opera and Ballet House

Sofia Opera and Ballet House is located at 30 Dondukov blvd. and is open from 9 to 18  (Mon-Fri) and from 10 to 14:30 (Sat-Sun). The entrance is from Vrabcha street. The ticket office is “hidden” on the right side of the entrance. You can also buy tickets online from the website and get them from the ticket office before your chosen play.

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Have you ever been to opera or ballet during a trip to another country?

Many thanks to Sofia National Opera and Ballet for inviting me to see the amazing work of art and performances. If you want to learn more travel tips, follow Travelling Buzz on Facebook.

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  • what an experience:)

  • I was in Italy and it was happenstance that my partner Jake suggested we go for an opera. I think he made a video game reference and cried that he had to go, so we went. And guess what? it was the best! We go stall tickets (sad) but it was a helluva experience for me, someone who hasn’t been on an opera before. So, yeah, since then I made it a habit to check out such shows whenever i;m abroad.