Behind The Scenes Tour of The Bulgarian National Theatre in Sofia

The Bulgarian National Theatre “Ivan Vazov” in Sofia is probably one of the most emblematic (and photographed) buildings in the city. From November 2019, the Theatre is opening its doors for the first behind the scenes walking tours for curious visitors who want an exclusive peek of the impressive building.

The tours will run every Monday at 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 h. One of the most interesting part is that they will be guided by actors.

These behind the scenes tours will show you a glimpse of the life of actors. You will pass by the dressing rooms, the different stages, the wardrobe. You’ll also see some of the props used in the theatre plays.

You will learn bout the history of the theatre, where it got its name from, some “spicy” stories from the actors, and more. If you’re lucky, you’ll run into some of the Bulgarian actors or directors who work at the theatre.


  • Tickets cost 20, 25 or 30 Bulgarian levs, depending on the type of tour.
  • There is a discount for students and retirees (10 levs per ticket). Children under 7 years old take part of the tours free of charge but only with a companion.
  • Groups with more than 15 people will pay only 10 Bulgarian levs per person.

You can get yours at the ticket office in the theatre. For now, there is not an option the buy them online. The guided tours can be in English as well.

Here are a some more photos from my first Behind the scenes tour of the Theatre:

Bulgarian National Theater behind the scenes tour

Bulgarian National Theater behind the scenes

Our tour guide – the actress Gergana Zmiycharova


Bulgarian National Theater behind the scenes tour

More local tips:

This tour was in partnership with Canon and the National Theater. All the photos were taken with Canon M200. Many thanks for the invitation!

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