Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Traveller

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Traveller

Winter holidays are the best time of the year… nah, I’m just kidding – trips are. But Christmas and New Year’s are also high of the list. And if you’re still wondering how to put a smile on your friends face who think that too, check out our list of holiday gift ideas for your favourite traveller: 

Action camera… for the adventure seekers

It fits in a pocket, it takes good quality photos with nice fish-eye effect, it comes with full pack of add-ons. An action camera can be a great holiday present for adventure seekers and not only. It’s a good to-go gadget that can easily become one’s best travel buddy.

I’m inseparable with my Git2 action camera by GitUp. Before that, I used SJCam (which I unfortunately destroyed during one of my kayaking adventures…). Both of these cameras make great photos and videos, don’t take too much space and are easy to use.

Of course, GoPro is the market leader, but I’m pretty satisfied with GitUp’s quality, too. Unlike GoPro, it has a screen and you can actually see what you are shooting. Besides, it is way cheaper. 


Mobile Wi-Fi card and device

Staying connected on the road is one of the things every traveller appreciates. Mobile wi-fi is essential if you need directions, want to call your family or to post that gorgeous photo you just took on Instagram.

For my trips, I never leave without my MTX Connect SIM card and portable wi-fi device. I’ve always been able to connect to the Internet, even though sometimes the connection was poor. But it all depends on the country’s Internet providers.

I also used TEP Wireless once but it’s more complicated since you have to return the device after your trip. Also, the shipping costs were huge. That’s why I recommend MTX Connect. Moreover, you get a free SIM card and charge it with as much money as you want before your trip via their online platform. It’s so convenient!

mtx mobile wifi

Portable charger

Another practical device that any traveller will be happy to own is a portable charger. It’ll be terrible if your camera turn off when you still have hours of sightseeing to do in a dream destination. That’s why I always have with me a portable charger which allows me to use my devices as much as I want. It’s convenient and useful. Exactly what every traveller needs. 

You can go beyond your friend’s expectations and get him/her an even better option – a solar charger. If he/she loves to hike, that would be an ideal holiday gift.  

Collection of travel memories in a story book

I love to document my adventures in any way possible – this blog, postcards, framed photos, flight tickets, photo books… Recently I discovered Travel Diaries platform which allows you to create lovely story books with your travel memories and get a printed copy. They come with soft or hard cover and I think this is an amazing present for Christmas or New Year’s. 

So, if you want to really make a great personalized holiday gift, prepare a Travel Diary for your friend with an adventure you had together. I bet nobody can top that present! I can’t wait to see my book when it comes for Christmas.. 


Travel inspired apparel

People who breath and live to travel would also love to “wear” travel. At least I do. There are plenty of travel inspired clothes, shoes or accessories that will put a smile on your friend’s face when he/she sees something like that under the Christmas three.

Such as these lovely travel t-shirts from my friend Geri, who is a travel blogger and has caught the travel inspiration perfectly in her designs. Combine it with a new travel guide book to the dream destination of your friend, and the gift will be priceless… 

t-shirtsPhotos: When Woman Travels Designs

Travel backpack

We use our Arcido backpack any time we travel! I like to call it the suitcase-backpack – it’s the perfect size of a suitcase that can be worn as a backpack without any problem. It’s also the carry-on size that airplanes allow on board. They call it a smart backpack and for a reason. Arcido is also developing a new version that is on Kickstarter


A Cat

Okay. That one is for my friends and family members who still read my blog. I’d LOVE a cat for Christmas. Thank you!


Now that you have some ideas, don’t waste more time and go get your favourite traveller the gift they deserve. Or you can just forward this article to your friends and family and hope to get one of those golden items for Christmas or New Year. Oh, how can you not love the holidays! 

What gift are you hoping to get for the holidays? 

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