Why You Need to Visit the Northern Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria this #SUMMER

Am I the only one who feels like laying on sand and drinking a cocktail overlooking the sea all day long is a bit boring for a summer vacation? For the restless souls and adventure lovers, like me, there are plenty of ways to spend your summer so that you take back home more precious memories.

For many years, Bulgaria has been known as an affordable ‘sun-sand-sea’ destination. A few are talking about the many great adventures you can take on the seaside. And if you are headed to the northern Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, in Kavarna region, here are 9 adventures you can take and make your summer vacation in the country even more worth it. 

About Kavarna, Bulgaria

Kavarna is a seaside town located on the Northern Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. It is 64 km from Varna and is part of the beloved Dobrudzha region. There are plenty of wonderful beaches near Kavarna, many sightseeing spots, historical and natural landmarks, and various activities.

9 Adventures to Take Near Kavarna, Bulgaria

This northern part of the Bulgarian coastline is still relatively unknown among visitors. This, of course, is a plus for those looking for an alternative holiday in Bulgaria filled with adrenaline and exciting outdoor activities. 

1. Sea kayaking tour around Cape Kaliakra

One of my most favourite adventures in Bulgaria was taking the sea kayaking tour around Cape Kaliakra with Trip Kavarna. I described everything about it in a separate blog post – the gorgeous views, our wonderful tour guide Galin and what was it like to paddle for 3 hours… 

I said it there, I’ll say it again – sea kayaking is challenging, yet the most liberating experience I’ve ever had. If you want to make your summer vacation in Bulgaria more interesting, don’t think twice and go on a sea kayaking adventure around the famous Cape Kaliakra. You’ll stumble upon views like this one:

Sports Camera

2. Boat trip near Kavarna

When it comes to finding more interesting and memorable way to enjoy the Bulgarian coastline with cocktail in hand, riding a motor boat comes to mind. Our captain – Krasi from Levana House Bulgarevo, will give you an experience to remember so don’t waste more time and hop on with us: 


3. Chasing the sunrise on beach Bolata

Waking up at 4:30 after a party night out with amazing people is hard thing to do. But when a view like this one is expecting you, nothing can change your mind…. The early bird gets the warm!

Some people from our group still regret skipping this trip, so don’t make their mistake – sleep gives no memories, and you don’t want to miss that view:

4. Cycling along the coast

The northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast around Kavarna is high and steep. That, plus the scenic roadway, offer great opportunities for cycling and enjoying gorgeous sea views during the whole cycling tour. 

Krasi from Levana House (again! This guy doesn’t rest ;D) can take you on this memorable cycling adventure near Kavarna and show you some hidden spots that will make you forget the problems of early rising. 


Cycling for the sunrise near Kavarna, Bulgaria/Photo: www.kashkaval-tourist.com

5. Hiding in coastal caves in Yaylata Archaeological Reserve

Yaylata is a seaside ledge near Kavarna that  is detached from the sea by 50-60 meters high rock massifs. But the more interesting thing, besides hiking along the cliffs, are the rock caves. There are more than 100 ‘rock appartments’ in Yaylata with wonderful views to the sea. Make sure to visit the Reserve when you are in the Kavarna region and make a photo or two… or a selfie:

Sports Camera

6. Learning the legends of Cape Kaliakra from locals

Kaliakra was one of the 40 Bulgarian girls who tied their hairs and chose to jump into the Black Sea rather than face the prospect of being captured by the Ottomans. They jumped off the cliff that is now called Cape Kaliakra – part of an iconic Bulgarian natural reserve, home of dolphins and cormorants. 


Cape Kaliakra Natural Reserve’s entrance/Photo: www.time2travel.bg

7. Watching the sunset over the sea

The northern Bulgarian Black sea coast offers many great sunset-glazing spots. Just hit the road around Kavarna and in a few kilometeres out of town you will find a place to watch the sun setting over a gorgeous hill. 


Sunset over Kavarna, Bulgaria/Photo: www.followthesisters.com

8. Taking a photo of the picturesque Tyulenovo rock arch

Tyulenovo rock arch is one of the best known sea sights among Bulgarians. It’s a nice place to see and check out for a while. Then you can head to the nearest restaurant and have a good old Bulgarian feast! 


9. Enjoy the traditional Dobrudzha lifestyle in Levana Guest House, Bulgarevo

Traditionally furnished rooms, spacious dining room and a wonderful yard area – Levana Guest House in Bulgarevo is a great place for a summer vacation with the whole family, friends or relatives. In addition, the host Krasi, who we mentioned a few times so far, is ready to take you on a sea boat trip or biking adventure anytime you want!

Levana Guest House

It’s not a surprise that I will be visiting the Kavarna region again very soon. The memories and friends I made during my trip there are going to last forever, but why would I count only on memories when travelling is the best way to enjoy life, especially in #SUMMER!

Many thanks to Trip Kavarna and Val Rent a Car for the amazing trip and to the great travel bloggers from ASTOM-Bulgaria for the amazing company! 

Are you ready for a summer trip to the northern Black Sea coast in Bulgaria?

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